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  • Illy Goodall

Winter Wedding Ideas - Lavender & Plum

Over the last year Winter Weddings have become increasingly popular as the summer months get filled up post-pandemic. Greens and Reds can be dated, which is why we want to bring you a more modern seasonal concept using Lavender and Plum. Don't be afraid to use whatever colours you'd like for winter, just ensure it compliments your venue and style. So let's give you the lowdown on Winter Wedding Ideas - Lavender & Plum.

Winter Wedding Colour Palette

It's important when choosing your winter wedding colour palette, that you ensure your colours compliment one another. Don't go for a block of colour and instead break down these tones. The best way you can do this is by looking on Pinterest for colour palettes in purple. This will give you many ideas on what previously has been created by other wedding planners. In the above moodboard, you can see we have broken down the colour tones in the concept to different shades of purple.

Winter Wedding Florals

Personally, we feel like florals are what pulls any concept together. Choosing an experienced florist will allow you to create something completely unique for your wedding design. There are so many florists to choose from across the South of England, so take your time by learning what styles you do and don't like. Choose seasonal flowers where you can, with a Winter Wedding the options are limited, but you can pretty much source anything you need through your florist. Green botanicals really bring a Winter Wedding concept together, green is just one of those colours you can't avoid when it comes to those colder months.

Try to use the same florals throughout your wedding design, avoid using different florals for your bouquet and buttonholes to your tablescape flowers. By ensuring all the florals match throughout your concept, you can ensure that it flows effortlessly and brings together those purple tones. Add in some subtle white flowers to create more of a luxury feel to your florals.

Winter Wedding Decor

The great thing about Winter Wedding Ideas, is you can go wild with candles during those winter months. There is nothing cosier than your guests sitting at their wedding table with brass candlesticks and purple tones tapered candles. In the moodboard above we have gone for a selection of tapered candles by Ester and Erik to compliment the Lavender and Plum concept we were working with. By choosing three colours for your candlesticks on your wedding table design, it again, breaks down those block colours and brings more depth to your wedding concept.

Keep to the same colour metal throughout your decor design, here we used brass candlesticks and brass terrariums which held some flower heads for added touches. We would advise keeping to gold cutlery and chargers when it comes to a winter wedding, not to say you can't have silver, but if you are working with purple then gold will compliment it. Cutlery can be tied with delicate hand-dyed silk ribbons for an added finish, depending on which look you'd like to go for.

Winter Wedding Fashion

This is always going to be one that comes down to the individual couple and what their tastes are. We love a bridal look with a fur cape, especially if the weather forecast will expect snow, the wedding photos that you and your photographer will get will be absolutely spectacular. If you want to be different and luxurious, a fur rimmed cape is going to compliment your bridal look in so many ways.

Gold Designer Heels are a must for any luxury bridal look, common bridal designers such as Jimmy Choo and Emmy Shoes London have a huge stock list for brides. They bring out seasonal products even in their bridal collections so it's worth taking a look in the winter months.

If you require any help pulling together your Winter Wedding Ideas, then be sure to reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!

Photo Credit - Laura Martha Photography

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