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Weddings go Digital 2021 - Signing of the Marriage Register

Hello Lovelies, we have news, Weddings go Digital 2021- Signing of the Marriage Register is happening. From May 4th there has been a major update in the way your marriage will be registered in England and Wales in a bid to help modernise the system. There are obviously two sides to a story, and we have heard conflicting opinions on whether this is a step towards to modern future or a loss of a cherished part of a ceremony. Rest assured, we have all the information you need in this blog post to get you up-to-date on the new regulations, as well as ideas for alternative signing of the register.

London Wedding Couple, Signing of the Register

Weddings go Digital 2021 - Signing of the Marriage Register

An electronic register will be created, and this is deemed to be a safer way to deal with the data. It also comes with some welcome news that you will now be able to record your mother’s name too! Previously only your father’s name was entered. (We have always thought this rather odd as it most definitely took them both to create you!!)

These regulations to amend the Marriage Act mark the biggest changes to the marriage registration system since 1837. Regulations are always changing, which is an important reason why we leave the legal side of getting married in West Sussex or London to you. As part of the wedding planning process, this is down to you as a couple.

We understand that there is to be a marriage schedule or marriage document which will still be signed, it will then be sent to your local register office where it will be added to the marriage register, after that, you can then get your certificate.

So, gone are the days of the traditional pictures of the signing; of course, they were never really signing it as it was a legal document which meant that you were not allowed pictures or videos of the actual signing. Just after, you were handed a posh pen and then posed with your new husband of wife for staged photos! There was also the conundrum of what to do with the precious marriage certificate on the day, so I guess that this solves that problem!!

Depending on where you are getting married, you could of course have an alternative, such as the guest book, or a specially made large book of your own to include this part of the ceremony. You could perhaps get a custom made certificate made up, there are many alternatives on Etsy that you can look at.

Please do speak with your local register office for the full facts. Whether you are getting married in Sussex or London, or anywhere else in the UK, you must always check with your local register office for anything wedding related when in your wedding planning process.

So what do you think of the new rules? A welcome move to the future with an outdated tradition, or a loss of a cherished part of the wedding day?

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