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How to give your notice of Marriage in the UK

Notice of Marraige Signing

This is time and time again a common question when it comes to getting married. Brides and Grooms, do not be disheartened if you do not know the answer to this. This blog will give you a bit more information on how to get registered and give notice.

Notice of all marriages must be given 12 months prior to marrying your partner. I always say to my couples to get in there as quickly as possible to save your date and time. Remember, there are MANY other couples getting married the same day as you and most probably the same time. Especially if your wedding is in the summer months I would say to book your meetings as soon as possible. The minimum period is 28 days before marriage but I would not advise this.

Normally you will need your birth certificate or passport, along with your decree absolute or decree of divorce if required. This rule applies to both civil ceremonies and religious ceremonies.

With religious ceremonies you are required to speak with your local vicar who will interview you both as a couple. Once you have had this, the church is required to publish the banns before the wedding can take place. This will usually happen up to 4 months before your wedding date. You will meet with your vicar again closer to your wedding date to discuss readings and hymns for your wedding ceremony.

With civil ceremonies you will have to go for a meeting at your local registry office. Yourself and your partner will be interviewed together and separately. Once you have had your interview you are required to give notice. Your notice of marriage will appear for a month, once this has happened and nobody has come forward, you will be able to get married! It is unlikely you will meet your registrar until the day of your wedding, usually two people will attend.

If you have any further questions regarding giving notice of marriage please feel free to contact me

As your Sussex Wedding Planner, we will have all the answers to your questions!

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