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Top 5 London Ceremony Venues

If you have been searching for some time for a list of the top 5 London Ceremony Venues, then you have landed here in the right place. We've put together a list to get you started in your wedding planning journey. Whether you plan a larger wedding ceremony or a small intimate ceremony, we have a mix of ideas to help. Let's get into it...

Old Marylebone Town Hall

Photo Credit - Clara Cooper Photography

Old Marylebone Town Hall - Marylebone, Central London

A popular options for a lot of couples that choose to get married in the Marylebone Area. It's fairly central and acts as good central location to neighbouring areas such as Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Mayfair. This London Ceremony Venue features 7 room options, so there is no need to worry about it getting booked up on your wedding day. The downside to this of course is that other weddings are taking place there that day. The maximum capacity is 100 guests, we've given you a list below of all the details you need.

Westminster Room - 100 guests maximum

The Knightsbride Room - 30 guests maximum

The Mayfair Room - 30 guests maximum

The Pimlico Room - 20 guests maximum

The Soho Room - 13 guests maximum

The Marylebone Room - 12 guests maximum

The Paddington Room - 8 guests maximum

Asylum Chapel London

Photo Credit - Asylum Chapel Website

Asylum Chapel - Peckham, South London

If you are looking for a unique venue that offers something different, then the Asylum Chapel will be your go-to. This ethereal themed chapel is a Grade II listed building, offering so much historical detail to add to your wedding day. This venue was built in 1826 and features stain glassed windows with crumbling paintwork walls. Add in an array of candles and you have a ceremony that is picture perfect. With a maximum capacity of 120, this venue is great for larger weddings. This venue also offers exclusivity which is another bonus to hiring the Asylum Chapel. They offer both morning and afternoon ceremonies so you have an option of which you would like to go for.

Haymarket Hotel Ceremony, Central London

Photo Credit - Haymarket Website

Haymarket Hotel - Embankment, Central London

Situated in the heart of London, The Haymarket Hotel is not to be missed when you're looking for a ceremony wedding venue. It's ethereal wallpaper and elegant chandeliers make it the perfect location to host your vows. With up to 115 for capacity it makes it great for larger ceremony options. No need to decorate as the venue really speaks for itself, simple floral arrangements will keep things in check. The venue also features a bespoke lighting installation designed by Martin Richman. Not forgetting the pool area that this venue holds, with the choice of adding candles to create a truly magical moment for you and your guests.

Chelsea Old Town Hall, London

Photo Credit - RBKC Website

Chelsea Old Town Hall - Chelsea, South West London

This stunning and historical town hall is a Victorian Grade II Listed Building. Having been recently refurbished and restored, it makes it the perfect location to have your wedding ceremony. The main hall can hold a capacity of a whopping 360 guests, making it one not to miss if you have a larger wedding party. It's intricate details feature gold polished chandeliers and handcrafted pillars that make this different from any other ceremony venue. The spaces are completely adaptable so you can add your own flair into your wedding ceremony design.

Main Hall - 360 guests maximum

Small Hall - 151 guests maximum

Cadogan Suite - 116 guests maximum

The Orangery at Holland Park, Kensington

Photo Credit - Lucy Davenport Photography

The Orangery at Holland Park - Kensington, South West London

This botanical inspired venue sits in the heart of Holland Park, London. If you want the outdoors brought in, this orangery venue will definitely provide this. With a maximum capacity of 120, the venue is more suited to a ceremony followed by reception drinks. If your reception venue is close to Kensington then this will be the perfect beginning to your day. With its neutral decor setting, it is very easy to customise your wedding ceremony design, adding in magnificent floral installations that will wow your guests.

Which of our 5 London Ceremony Venues do you prefer? We've attempted to give you a mix of options, from outdoor venues to your traditional town halls. Every ceremony is individual to every couple, whether you choose a Licensed Venue with a registrar or choose a Celebrant to marry you both is your next decision in the wedding planning process.

If you would like to find out more on reception venues, you can visit our blog post on The Top London Luxury Wedding Venues of 2022

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