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Modern Monochrome Wedding Colour Palette

Good Morning Lovelies, today we want to bring you a modern monochrome wedding colour palette blog post, that is filled with inspiration. If you didn't already know, monochrome tones are very popular as we move into 2022 wedding trends. As a Luxury UK Wedding Planner, we have seen a high increase in this request when it comes to wedding design. So here's our take on how to create this design for your modern wedding.

Modern Short White Wedding Dress

Why Modern Monochrome?

Many reasons, it's stylish, its elegant and it's easy to work with. Sticking to white and black tones with hints of green foliage is the easiest floral concept you can ask for. Depending on what florals you'd like of course. It can be timeless, it can be creative, it can really be whatever you want it to be. There is so much flexibility with a monochrome wedding palette.

Monochrome Wedding Design Mood Board

Monochrome Wedding Design Mood Board

Pulling together a mood board concept is really important, especially in those early days of putting together a design concept for yourself. There are many elements to think about, the venue decor being one of them. Industrial warehouses make perfect backdrops for a monochrome wedding, or perhaps you'd like to go more luxury? Modern inspired hotels located in London, especially in areas like Soho and Covent Garden, are a great option for neutral backdrops. From the mood board here, you can see the colours compliment one another, by using white as the base and adding splashes of black details. You don't want to overpower the look as you want to keep it modern and luxury at the same time.


Black Napkins are a great way to really break down that monochrome palette and blend the tones together. Here the concept created has been inspired with a knot style napkin, a very popular trend that we are beginning to see the end of moving into 2022. It looks stylish and subtle, yet blends into the concept perfectly. Paired with minimalistic stationery this place setting is just perfect.

Modern Monochrome Bridal Bouquet

Monochrome Wedding Flowers

Think stylish, timeless and utterly gorgeous! How beautiful is this modern bridal bouquet? Anemone is a very popular flower at the moment and it works perfectly for a monochrome wedding design. They come in a range of colours but the white anemone is picture perfect. Pair with white filler flowers and subtle pinks if you want a splash of colour added in. Your florist will be able to guide you on what is readily available for your wedding season.

White Contemporary Wedding Cake Design

Monochrome Wedding Cake

Don't overthink it when it comes to adding to creating a mood board design for your cake designer. Keep it simple and use white as the base for the design. It keeps it elegant and chic, opt for added black elements and splashes of gold leaf to give it that little something extra. Keep the overall cake design modern yet simple. It can be far too easy to overcomplicate things, your cake design will guide you into what is trending within the particular wedding season.

Luxury Wedding Ghost Chairs

Perspex or Ghost Chairs

Some couples forget to think about those added extras when it comes to the furniture side of the wedding design. Perspex or "Ghost Chairs" are the perfect way of transforming a room if you have the extra budget to spend. It is definitely worth looking into, these are modern, stylish and go with practically any wedding design. Ghost chairs have become very popular, with them being requested more and more for London-based Weddings. Usually you will need to outsource these from a reputable supplier, but your wedding planner can help you with this. Customise them with calligraphy style vinyl stickers with guest names!

If you need help or guidance when it comes to designing a modern monochrome wedding, as your UK Wedding Planner we can assist you. We live for modern wedding concepts and we love neutral palettes. Whether you want to keep it minimalist or go wild with adventure, rest assured we can create some completely bespoke for you. Please email hello@illyelizabethweddings for a free consultation.

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