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  • Illy Goodall

How to Choose Your Wedding Colours

Photo Credit - The Revelry

Good Morning Lovelies, today we are going to share with you our incite on how to choose your wedding colours. We see it more often than none, that colours can be chosen for wedding themes that cause a huge clash with the venue, or worse, the bridesmaid dresses! We are here to help with all of that and give you the best advice on how to choose your wedding colours. Choosing wedding colours comes as part of our full planning package, where we create a design concept for our couples weddings. We are going to walk you through some of the things we do that help us ensure a smooth design concept for our couples weddings. So let's get into it...

Choose One Item

That's right, first things first, you need to narrow down what is important to you. This is the key when it comes to choosing your wedding colours. We ask all our couples, what is the one thing that is important to you, is it the venue, your bridesmaid dresses, your flowers or a certain bohemian rug you may want to include in your wedding design? A lot of couples will decide that their bridesmaid dress colours are the most important, so we work backwards and reflect the design concept with the colours of the bridesmaid dresses. In the moodboard concept below, you can see, by being given a bridesmaid colour, we have then worked to create a palette that not only compliments the dresses, but fits within our styling and design concept.

Think About Your Wedding Venue

It's really important that you consider your wedding venue option when thinking about your chosen wedding colours. If you have a venue that is a sky blue and gold, this concept above really isn't going to work. The two will have a huge clash and it will show through on your wedding photos. Think about complimenting your venue, if you choose to go for a sky blue and gold decor, then think about what colour scheme may complement this. Different pastel blues and golds would work perfectly. Bring in more white and neutrals to keep the tone down with a delicate option such as this. Breaking the colours down into different sections brings the whole colour concept together for your wedding design.

Breaking Down The Shades

As mentioned above, breaking down the shades when it comes to choosing your wedding colours will really help bring the design concept together. Avoid block colours, so don't just go for "Cadbury Purple" with everything being one colour. It's dated, old fashioned and it doesn't look pleasant. It can be extremely over-powering and mistakes can happen. You won't necessarily get everything in the Cadbury purple shade to it's exact colour, so mismatches will stand out like a sore thumb. Instead, go for a small hint of Cadbury purple, with delicate purple pastels incorporated and lots of neutrals to break down the colour palette.

Consider The Pantone Colour Of The Year

Always a popular option, most of our couples keep up with trends, but that's not to say we don't have couples that would like to use less-popular options. Considering the Pantone colour of the year for your wedding colour design concept is a bonus. If you can't decide, just simple ask Google and it will tell you what the Pantone Colour is of that particular year. Before you know it, pinterest will be full of inspiration to help you out!

Think About Complimenting Your Wedding Season

What seasonal time of the year is it? Do you really want pastel colours with a winter wedding? Dark reds and greens tend to suit winter wedding design concepts, however that is not to say that you cannot use pastels. Go back to visualising your wedding venue design, will the pastels compliment it in the winter, or will dark reds and greens? Summer colours tend to be fairly flexible, but don't overdo it with the brights. If you have bright florals then tone it down with the rest of the concept, with more delicate pastels being used for decor and bridesmaids.

Ask Your Wedding Planner

If all else fails, then you can always hire a London Wedding Planner to help guide you along your journey. Having a full planning package enables you to relax and hand over the entire design concept to us. Making your wedding planning process much more straight-forward and easy. How To Choose Your Wedding Colours is such an important part of your wedding design, don't rush it if you are not sure.

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