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  • Illy Goodall

Getting Married in Central London

Good Morning lovelies, today we are talking about getting married in Central London. This particular post will talk you through the do's and dont's, as well as what to expect on Wedding Day when getting married in Central London. If you haven't got a London Wedding Planner then you may want to take note. Whilst things can seem fairly straightforward and like your normal wedding day, there are a lot of things that may not even cross your mind in a city centre. So let's get into it....


I had to put this as the first point, as it's the most important. Transportation is very unreliable in London, especially Central London. More than likely you will be getting married at the weekend, which means roads are busy. Even if you have booked travel in advance from a private company, you still need to expect that delays can happen. My advice to all couples is to try and have your wedding guests stay at your chosen London Wedding Venue or within close walking distance. This way, you can ensure everything will run on time and smoothly.

Public Walking into your London Wedding Venue

Depending on which London Wedding Venue you choose, there is a high possibility members of the public will be walking around the venue, especially when it is in a London Hotel. Coordinators will do their best to keep the weddings separate from the general public, but accidents can happen. Don't worry, if you have a London Wedding Planner, they will ensure that any members of the general public are kept out. It may be worth considering keeping belongings like gifts in your wedding suite whilst the day is going on.

Photo Locations

Pre-plan your photo locations in London with your wedding photographer. This is going to make the process from going from one place to another much more seamless and stress-free. Uber is the best way to get around on wedding day, but I would advise couples to keep close to the venue within walking distance. You can expect couple shots to take from 1 hour to 1 hour 30.

Late Night Wedding Venues

Yes, the great thing about getting married in Central London is most venues will be open until late. Which means more time for your friends and family to party! You want to make the most of the day and with wedding venues outside of London there may well be time restrictions in the evening. It also is perfect if you are staying on site, as you can head straight up to your room once the night ends.

Next Day Wedding Breakfast

I love the idea of a next day wedding breakfast with your closest members of your family. It's a great way to cure those post-wedding blues and enjoy some more time with each other. Many venues offer this, but you can opt to have your post-wedding breakfast at another London Venue. The choice is yours.

London Wedding Planner

Obviously, we are biased, but having a London Wedding Planner is going to really take the stress away from having to manage the logistics of your wedding day in Central London. From creating the itinerary to setup to clearing the wedding suite. The tasks are endless and all done in the background, all whilst keeping your guests happy of course. Many of us are just too busy to organise an entire London Wedding, so why not hand the reigns over to us?

If you'd like to contact us as your London Wedding Planner, you can do this by emailing

Photo Credit - Laura Martha Photography

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