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From Traditional to Elopement Weddings

Good Morning lovelies, today's blog features "From Traditional to Elopement in 2021" which will allow me to discuss with all you Sussex Wedding Couples, how to go from a traditional planned wedding, to a more intimate elopement during our global pandemic. Rest assured, I will give you some advice you can take away and think about that will help make your decision.

Sussex Wedding Elopement Couple

From Traditional to Elopement in 2021 - Changing your Wedding Plans

Please don't be disheartened if you've been planning your Sussex Wedding for some time now and things haven't gone to plan. I know it can feel like all the hard work you've put in isn't being appreciated, but I promise you it is. Yes you are having to wait a little longer than normal and yes it will be far more stressful for those that haven't got a Sussex Wedding Planner to be sorting all the legalities out for you, but it will all be worth it when things are back to the new normal.

If it is still important to you to be married as soon as possible, I completely understand, because ultimately, it is about you and your partner, not everybody else. You can always have a reception much later on with a celebrant to attend and say some vows. It can be easily arranged and won't change the cost of your Sussex wedding too much.

Elopement Bride Sussex

From Traditional to Elopement in 2021 - Eloping

If you are looking to elope, it may be worth speaking to your Wedding Photographer to see if they may be able to change to an earlier date for you. Make sure you speak with them first to ensure they have the flexibility, and please be forthcoming with them as like all suppliers, they are under tremendous amounts of stress with rearranging all of your wedding dates.

Elopement Bridal Veil

From Traditional to Elopement in 2021 - Changing your Wedding Venue

You may need to think about where you may do your elopement, perhaps discuss with your venue about keeping the reception there as it is, and choose a new location for your ceremony. There are many registry offices that charge a lower fee, but you can then have a celebrant marry you anywhere you wish. Make it special, make it about the both of you and how you can share that with your family and friends at such a delicate time. It brings happiness to everyone around you to see Weddings, so continue to support the Wedding Industry if you can by thinking about eloping.

From Traditional to Elopement in 2021 - Sussex Wedding Suppliers

Remember that it may not seem that Sussex Wedding Suppliers care about your weddings, but we truly do feel all the emotions that you do. It saddens me every time it comes to a couple having to change their entire plans due to new covid-19 wedding restrictions that have come in. Illy Elizabeth Weddings is always here to answer any questions you have about your Sussex Wedding, you are more than welcome to drop as a message on instagram for ease of access. We are here as your award winning Sussex Wedding Planner to guide you along your journey.

If you would like help with managing your wedding, you can enquire by emailing

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