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Shall I book a Wedding Coordinator during Covid?

Hello lovelies, today I thought I'd bring you a post answering your questions on "shall I book a wedding coordinator during cover?". It's becoming a popular search in google and with your all planning your West Sussex Wedding, we thought we'd give you some incite into this question, from a sussex wedding coordinator view of course. So let's get into it....

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Booking your West Sussex Wedding Coordinator

As times are currently very uncertain with the wedding industry, the question regarding booking your West Sussex wedding coordinator has come up too many times recently. Rest assured, there is no rush when it comes to booking in a wedding coordinator, as you can do this roughly about 6 months before your wedding date. Bear in mind, with many weddings being postponed on a daily basis, this is causing a difficulty with new enquiries for all of us sussex wedding planners. We can only coordinate a certain number of weddings each month, and with popular dates landing on a Saturday it becomes trickier. Our advice would be to book in your sussex wedding coordinator as soon as possible.

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What about deposits?

Here at Illy Elizabeth Weddings, we will keep your deposits kept safely away, incase any unfortunate circumstances occur. Rest assured that if you are feeling uneasy about parting with money incase you need to change the date, we can discuss the best way to get your deposit back to you if we cannot get a suitable date in for you. For us, it's important that our couples are happy and relaxed during their planning process, and if we can't do it, we will know someone that can.

Can I book your sussex wedding coordination services for 2022?

Yes, you can, we are taking bookings up until 2023 at the moment and you can most certainly book in a West Sussex wedding coordinator this far in advance to ensure we have availability for your date. We work with all venue types including dry-hire and marquee.

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How can we meet to discuss my wedding requirements?

With any West Sussex on-the-day coordination services, we usually have a face to face video chat at the beginning of booking. We don't actually meet until 6 weeks before your wedding date. The reason for this, is simply because you won't know all the final plans until then! We will meet face to face at this point, go through all of your entire wedding plans (we love it! eek!) over lunch and begin the final countdown process. You'll receive your fully detailed timeline and schedule for your wedding weekend, along with us taking over full contact with your suppliers so you can relax and enjoy the sussex wedding you've planned.

If you would like to consider booking in our services for on-the-day coordination, whether you are in West Sussex, Kent or London. Then get in touch today

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