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5 Luxe Bridal Themed Hair Accessories

Happy Monday lovelies and this week I want to share with you my favourite 5 luxe bridal themed hair accessories for 2020. As you know, there is always a change when it comes to trends, especially in fashion and the wedding industry. Brides will always want the next best hairpiece to ensure their wedding is on-trend and looking oh so beautiful. So let's get straight into it...

Victoria Percival Venus Halo Wedding Hairband

Photo Credit - Victoria Percival

1. The Wedding Halo Hairband

We had to start this trend off with the absolutely stunning Venus Halo created by Victoria Percival. Hair bands have been steadily coming back into trend for the last year and still going strong into 2020. Featuring Swarovski crystal and pearls, this wedding hairband is shaped in a halo style, enabling it to sit perfectly on your bridal hair style. The design sits on a velvet band which means it offers comfortability as well as a super luxurious feel to your bridal look. If you want a hair statement piece but want to keep elegant at the same time, this would have to be our recommendation for you.

Liberty in Love Bridal Hair Accessory

Photo Credit - Liberty in Love

2. The Embellished Bridal Hair Comb

The bridal hair comb has always been a trend in the wedding industry, and for years we have seen these change to reflect fashion. Currently, embellished bridal hair combs are high on trend, with this comb by Libery in Love featuring gold and crystal. This particular piece also features tiny faux pearls and detailed leaves. No matter what dress you decide to go for, you can always ensure that a gold and crystal hairpiece will fit really well. It adds that extra sparkle and elegance whilst enabling you to still keep a wedding veil in place. We had to include this in our 5 Luxe Bridal Themed Hair Accessories.

Lace and Favour Statement Hair Tiara

Photo Credit - Lace & Favour

3. The Statement Hair Tiara

How could we not include a statement hair tiara in our 5 Luxe Bridal Themed Hair Accessories? For those of you that want to carry that tiara trend on but bring a modern luxury feel to it, Lace & Favour would be your go-to bridal accessory designer. This is the Arianna Everlasting Statement Peal Tiara and is made entirely by hand. Made in silver and ivory pearls, this keeps it neutral allowing you to pair with any colour concepts. This intricate design piece will definitely have your guests asking where you sourced it from. Speaking elegance and luxe, this will add sophistication to any bridal gown.

Gold Leaf Statement Hair Vine Britten Weddings

Photo Credit - Britten Weddings

4. The Statement Hair Vine

This is the Nova Mini Gold Statement Hair Vine created by Britten Weddings. All of their hair pieces are hand made here in the UK, so you can ensure that these are created to perfection. This vine features a gold leaf design and features two loops enabling the vine to be pinned into place by your bridal hair stylist. It looks perfect placed at the back of your head so you can sit a veil underneath for a truly elegant bridal look. This statement hair vine had to make it into the top 5 Luxe Bridal Themed Hair Accessories.

Photo Credit - Romas Tania

5. The Long Hair Vine

For those of you that have taken your time to grow your hair especially long for your wedding day, have you thought about a long hair vine? These are so beautiful and on trend for 2020. Subtle yet relaxed hairstyles are very popular with luxury wedding themes and this photo by Romas Tania proves that. This hair vine is 70cm in length so will work perfectly with those long hairstyles created by your bridal stylist. It will definitely ensure you stand out from the crowd!

We've really enjoyed writing this particular feature and love helping our couples with ideas for their wedding day. If you are thinking that you may need some styling inspiration and would like to enquire about our full planning services then please email us

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