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Dry Hire Wedding Venue Tips

Good Morning lovelies, this week I was approached by someone who wanted some dry hire wedding venue tips. It's always stressful when you want a dry hire venue, but you don't know where to start in the planning process. Here at Illy Elizabeth we can help to take the stresses away from you, so we've pulled together our top tips to get you started...

Two Woods Wedding Coordinator

Do you definitely want a dry hire venue?

Let's go back to basics and have a think about this being what you both really want. With a dry hire venue comes many difficulties, the main being that you will need a Sussex wedding coordinator to run the day, setup and cleanup so you don't have to. The last thing you want is for family members or friends to be helping you when you want everyone to relax. You need to feel relaxed and not be left rushing around to try and organise your decor the morning of your wedding.

With a dry hire venue you will need to organise and source all of your own suppliers, when you book a caterer for example, you need to be thinking about where they will be positioned, what electricity is available and what facilities they can use. This is just getting started, and don't forget you will need to create a whole schedule for them to follow on your wedding day, and if this is wrong, things could get a little confusing between suppliers.

Two Woods Wedding Venue

Sourcing Wedding Suppliers

Whilst many dry hire venues recommend a list of Sussex wedding suppliers they work with, you miss out on thousands of amazing suppliers in the wedding industry that could fit your wedding theme more. It's important to do your research and ensure the companies are legit if you haven't had a friend or family member use them before. You will need to do all of the sourcing and that's why we thought it was important to include this in our dry hire wedding venue tips.

Organising Your Day

With a dry hire venue, if you don't have a wedding coordinator then you will need to assign a member of your family or friends to run the day for you. You need to be organised, ensure they have a schedule to work from and be responsible if anything goes wrong. If you think the venue owner will be around when things go wrong, you are strongly mistaken. The harsh reality of a dry hire wedding venue is that you are just hiring a building and that is it. No additional help comes with this. It's important to organise your day properly and make it your highest priority when it comes to dry hire wedding venue tips. You need to be just as organised as the suppliers that are involved in your wedding day.

Two Woods Barn Sussex

Public Liability Insurance

The venue owners will probably tell you this, but all of your suppliers will need public liability insurance. It's your responsibility to email this all over to the venue owner, so this will add some element of stress towards the end of your planning process if you don't have a Sussex wedding planner doing this for you. Often, you can be waiting weeks for a supplier to send this across, you need to be chasing them up, otherwise the venue won't allow them at the wedding venue on your special day.

Hire a Wedding Planner

If you a feeling overwhelmed by the dry hire option, but you really want to choose that venue because it's perfect for you, you can always hire the team here at Illy Elizabeth Weddings to organise everything for you. We always love to help create beautiful weddings at dry hire wedding venues in Sussex and across the UK!

For any enquiries please email us at Alternatively please check our gallery for some dry hire wedding venue inspiration!

Photo Credit: Laura Martha Photography - Venue: Two Woods Estate

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