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Is elopement the way forward?

It's not unusual anymore for couples to choose to elope overseas. There are many reasons associated with this decision, but the most common one coming down to costings. As a millennial we are all at a time where we struggle to afford a house deposit, we want to enjoy life working and going on holidays, plus we want to get married!

Elopement Wedding Liguria

Photo Credit - Neverending Magic

I think its important to remember that for a lot of couples, its more about the intimacy that you get with an elopement. It becomes romantically more about yourselves rather than anyone else, which tends to be the case for most UK weddings. Wedding politics is a common reason for why couples choose to elope too. It's far easier and less stressful for a millennial to elope overseas and not have to deal with the wedding politics that may arise from planning a UK Wedding.

We live in an era where instagram is where we showcase our lives, social media is what we live by on a daily basis. We want those instagrammable photos, and where better to get it than a destination elopement? You can have any backdrop imaginable, whether you go for a luxury destination in Bora Bora to your classic elopement of Las Vegas. Your options are unlimited and instagram gives us so much inspiration for where we would like to go.

Elopement Wedding Couple Liguria

Photo Credit - Neverending Magic

Combining your honeymoon and wedding into one means savings. We do live in a generation where saving is key, especially after the recession we had years ago, followed by our current political Brexit situation. It's a common concern that couples are worried about eloping within Europe and what changes may happen after this. Rest assured, you won't have any problems getting married overseas within Europe, you may have to go for a celebrant rather than an official marriage, but it will be perfectly designed for you and your partner.

Stress free with minimal wedding design is what eloping is all about. By choosing the right Wedding Planner to help with your elopement wedding you can ensure you get the best location for the best price. Whether you want styling or not is completely down to you individually, but the wedding photos will speak for themselves with the backgrounds created by your destination location. The only thing you need to worry about is getting your wedding dress from A to B. Which of course is easily done by whichever airline you choose to fly with. Most airlines will store the dress in a first class or business area to ensure no damage is caused and the dress can be kept hanging.

If you are unsure of where to start with planning your elopement, you can contact us to help with exactly that. We offer tailored packages for elopements that are at a reduced rate compared to your average wedding. This is purely due to the significant length in time that is reduced for the planning process. It gives couples the option to make their elopement wedding completely stress free with the planning process. For your free consultation and proposal contact

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