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Why Millennials are opting for a Wedding Planner

It still comes as a surprise to peoples ears when you're discussing wedding plans with someone you know and they say "I've got a wedding planner". There are many questions that arise with this, the main one, how can you afford a wedding planner? Don't you want to plan your wedding yourself? Are you sure your wedding planner will create the wedding you want?

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How can you afford a wedding planner?

The answer to this question is simple, very easily! You budget for a photographer, cake maker, florist, venue, but forget who is needed on the day to pull it altogether whilst you are getting married, a wedding planner. People underestimate the exact pricing for a service like this and see it as an additional cost that is not necessary. I cannot tell you the amount of brides that hire me for on-the-day coordination and say "I wish you had planned my wedding, it's been so stressful". There are many wedding planners located over the Sussex area that can work to your ideal budget. Many wedding planners offer a completely different style from the next, so that's key when choosing who you want to quote with. Remember, any initial consultation is free and we are more than happy to discuss all your wedding ideas with you!

Don't you want to plan your wedding yourself?

Now, if you're a millennial, you will know that we all want things easy and simple. With the least amount of stress as possible, because we all know how stressful planning a wedding in Sussex can be! It's not just about sourcing those trusted suppliers, it's also about dealing with those emotional family politics that commonly arise around weddings. The time spent on a wedding is over 250 hours and if you're planning this yourself in a short period of time, you're going to need all the help you can get.

You don't have the time to plan your wedding?

A very common query that comes up with millennials. Many millennials are very much in the entrepreneurial mindset or business mindset, striving for success. With this means we dedicate a lot of our time to work and over-achieving, leaving the time we have at home to relax and de-stress. So why would you want to come home and do more work, when you can hand the reins over to someone else.

Are you sure your wedding planner will create the wedding you want?

You wouldn't be sensible if you didn't speak to more than one wedding planner for your initial consultation. I tell all of my clients this as it's important you directly connect with the person you will be working with over the next 12 months. Every planners style is different and it's how you are as a couple with what works best. I am a very relaxed wedding planner so most of my couples have busy lifestyles that trust me to come in and make a lot of decisions on behalf of them. That doesn't mean that all my clients are like that, some like to have more control over their wedding as they feel more comfortable knowing what's going on, that's absolutely fine too! Always check a wedding planners portfolio to get an idea of the style that they offer, and remember, no wedding is ever the same!

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