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Ways to Keep You and Your Guests Dry with British Country Weather

We all know what it is like with weather when it comes to getting married in the UK. So unpredictable and the chances of it being wet on your wedding day? Probably around 70%! I get so many couples worrying that it will rain on their wedding day, but do not worry. You can get some amazing photos in the rain and incorporate some fun ways to keep your guests dry.

Rainy Country Wedding Photo

Photo Credit: S6 Photography

Clear Roof Wedding Marquee

One of the newest and upcoming wedding trends for 2018. They work perfectly here in the UK, you get the sunshine, the sky at night and if it rains you keep dry! Hatch Marquee Hire are featured in the photo below and this reflects such an incredible setup in this style of wedding marquee. You can't lose with this wet weather plan and it's a bonus that you get to dance the night away under the stars.

Clear Span Marquee English Wedding

Photo Credit to Freckle Photography


Get those wellies out! Better yet, ask your guest to all come in wellies. You will get some great photos and your toes certainly won't be getting wet or muddy with these on. Any wedding theme really will work with incorporating these, but if you want something pretty, Evercreatures offer these beautiful I Do Wedding Wellies with silk ribbon details.

Bridal Wellies

Clear Country Umbrellas

Clear Country Umbrellas are definitely the style to go for, to make your rainy wedding day fit with your elegant theme. They look pretty, they work well in photos and you can definitely have fun with these. The best thing about our summers, they may be rainy but they are warm and your bridal party are sure to keep themselves dry with this wedding idea.

Country Style Umbrella Wedding Photography

Photo Credit: Dani Stephensen

If all else fails, rock with it! You can never predict our english countryside weather, so just go with it and have fun!

Rainy Weather Bride and Groom Tipi

Photo Credit: S6 Photography

If you need help with your wet weather day plan, contact your country wedding planner experts at

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