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Can I afford a Wedding Coordinator?

There are so many couples that get an idea in their mind that a Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator is going to cost them lots of money and they simply can't afford it. Wrong. Here's a blog to educate you all on how you can afford a Wedding Coordinator, information on how much a wedding planner costs, and how to use one.

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What does a Wedding Coordinator do?

If you're planning your own wedding and have suddenly come to the realisation that there is nobody to coordinate your day, nobody to contact your suppliers if any mis-haps happen and nobody to tell everyone where to go, then you need a Wedding Coordinator.

Most Wedding Planners offer this service to simply run your wedding day effectively for you. We like to see our couples 2-3 weeks before a wedding date and go over all the details of the wedding. Once we have this, we create a lovely bespoke timeline, contact all the suppliers so they know we are their main point of contact, then we simply run the day for you. We take all the stress away, we setup exactly how you envisioned and to help if anything (which it shouldn't) might not go to plan.

How much does a Wedding Coordinator cost?

Every Wedding Planner will charge differently, depending on the area, how many guests there are, how complex the wedding requirements are and if they need an assistant or two.

If you are looking for us to be your Wedding Coordinator in Sussex or Hampshire then you are looking a minimum fee of £750.

However, if your location is London for example, these costs could be slightly more. A number of factors come into this, travel expenses, accommodation may be needed, and usually it is because a London Wedding could have a lot more guests numbers.

So remember, in all the costs you are paying, this is probably one of the lowest costs for your day. A Wedding Coordinator will be expected to arrive very early in the morning and go right through until 8:00pm that day, sometimes even later depending on the requirements. A Wedding Coordinator will be the supplier that spends the most time at your Wedding Venue.

Do I really need a Wedding Coordinator?

That decision is ultimately up to you, here are a few questions to think about.

Who will setup your wedding tables how you want them? Who will liaise with the Florist and Cake maker with where to put everything? Who will ensure all guests are moved between locations? Who will call your suppliers should anything go wrong? Who creates a timeline for you and sends it out to all your suppliers?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, the answer is Yes. You do need a Wedding Coordinator to help run your day!

I can't afford to pay it all in one go?

You never need pay all up-front for a Wedding Coordinator. It's the same as your other suppliers, we ask for a small deposit up-front and you can pay the rest nearer the wedding date.

Can we hire you to be our Wedding Coordinator?

Absolutely, we'd love to hear from you! We love to coordinate weddings and hearing about all your exciting plans leading up to your big day. Email us today

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