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Ideas for your Country House Table Plan

Are you having a Country House Wedding and desperately looking for some inspiration for your table plan? You've definitely come to the right blog, heres some ideas to get you started.

Acrylic Table Plan

Get acrylic into your wedding theme with this gorgeous acrylic table plan idea. The newest and upcoming wedding trend for 2018 is bound to wow your guests. This looks incredibly elegant, especially if you get your florist to dress it with eucalyptus! Green foliage really brings the feeling of summer into this table plan.

Luxury Acrylic Table Plan with Eucalyptus

Photo Credit: Phillipa Sian Photography

Wax Sealed Boxes Table Plan

Why not create an utterly romantic and unique table plan by having wax stamp sealed boxes featuring your guests names printed on with beautiful hand written calligraphy. This table plan featured cotton twine which compliments these table plan boxes so well. The boxes can act as a favour or keepsake for your wedding guests and are completely unique to your wedding day.

Pale Press Luxury Wax Sealed Table Plan

Photo Credit: Pale Press London

Luxury Silver Mirrored Table Plan

Those luxury mirror table plans are still on trend for 2018 and becoming ever so increasingly popular. Especially in country house themed weddings. This table plan in particular features a gorgeous silver edging with printed names in a dark grey. If you're going for a moody minimalist themed wedding style this mirrored table plan will look stunning and compliment your wedding design. You can choose to hang these on easels or rest them on a table with candles all around. You can also ask your florist to create a floral arrangement to compliment these table plan ideas.

Personalised Luxury Mirror Table Plan

Photo Credit: Love Lane Events

When it comes to a luxury wedding design it's important to make the small details count. Your guests will remember the special touches you add to your day. If you'd like to discuss ideas on how to create a wedding table plan that can compliment your wedding theme then email us at We love giving our expert advice to couples!

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