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  • Lottie Dainton

Fun Ways To Incorporate Wooden Barrels Into Your Wedding Décor

If you’re busy day-dreaming about a romantic yet rustic wedding day, today’s post will definitely catch your eye. Whether you’re tying the knot in the Summer or Winter, a rustic wedding theme will always be favoured by brides and grooms. This charming theme offers a chance to get completely creative and you can have some real fun with your decorations and details. With that in mind, we’re taking a look at how you can use wooden barrels throughout your wedding day décor. So, if you adore all things rustic and romantic, we suggest you keep reading…

We adore the idea of using two wooden barrels to decorate your wedding ceremony space. You could put one on either side of the aisle and adorn it with beautiful blooms, or you could place them at the altar. They’ll create a truly special space for you to exchange your vows and they will help to set the scene for your rustic wedding theme.

Wooden barrels are also a fun way of displaying signs throughout your wedding venue. Signs are super helpful for your guests, particularly if they display directions. You could also handwrite some of your favourite romantic quotes on the signs. Alternatively, you could simply have a sign saying ‘Welcome to our Wedding’. We suggest resting a wooden or chalkboard sign against a wooden barrel and placing it at the entrance of your wedding venue.

You could also use a wooden barrel to display your seating plan. It’ll make your seating plan stand out so there will be no confusion between your wedding guests. It will also help to tie in the rest of your wedding décor, especially if you choose to use wooden barrels throughout your big day.

Are you having a DIY bar at your wedding? Wooden barrels can be used to create a stylish self-serve station for your guests to enjoy. Rest a large plank or piece of wood across two wooden barrels and display lots of glasses, straws and refreshing beverages. It might be worth having a sign saying ‘Help Yourself’ so that guests know they can get the party started!

Spoil your wedding guests with a scrumptious dessert table. Display your wedding cake and lots of yummy treats and delights. Style it in the same way as a DIY drink station – you could also add some foliage and flowers for an extra floral touch. Not only are they super handy, they will fit in with your wedding theme beautifully.

Wooden barrels are seriously versatile, and lots of couples decide to use them as alternative wedding food station. This is a wonderful choice if you're having an outdoor wedding celebration.

Why not display lots of photographs on a wooden barrel to create a family tree? It’s a lovely way of including loved ones at your wedding day. You could use photographs of your close family members on their wedding day in lots of mismatched frames. Your guests will love looking back at old photographs and it’s a great talking point for everyone.

Fill wooden barrels with lots of overflowing flowers and greenery and simply dot them around your wedding venue – they’re a fabulous way of filling space and they will look utterly gorgeous.

If you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to your table centrepieces, you could use miniature wooden barrels! Again, we suggest ensuring they’re brimming with glorious blooms and placing them along wooden trestle tables or in the middle of round tables. If you want to add a warm and romantic glow, surround them with tea lights, candlesticks or even small lanterns.

When it comes to incorporating wooden barrels into your wedding décor, there are lots of swoon-worthy options!

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