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  • Lottie Dainton

Everything You Need To Know About Your Bridal Perfume

​When it comes to wedding planning, there are heaps of huge decisions to make, particularly when it comes to your aisle style. You’ve got to find your dream dress as well as deciding how to wear your hair and make-up, but have you considered your bridal perfume? The smaller details of your day count just as much as the big details, so it’s time to think about what fragrance you’ll be wearing.

There are a number of things to consider before choosing your bridal perfume. Do you want a scent that you can wear daily or do you want something special that you’ll only wear on your wedding day? Either way, your scent will evoke endless memories of your special day. Plus, you want to look and smell irresistible, right?

It’s important to think about the season you’ll be tying the knot in. For instance, if you’re saying ‘We Do’ in Spring or Summer, a light floral scent may well be the perfect choice. Floral fragrances are feminine, understated and bursting with romance. If you’re having an Autumn or Winter affair, you may prefer a perfume with a slightly warmer, musky scent. We’re talking notes of amber, wood and even chocolate. Divine!

We recommend looking at previous scents you’ve worn over the years and seeing if there are particular notes or ingredients that they all have in common – it’ll help you to whittle your choices down to find the perfect bridal perfume. While you may want your perfume to be different to your daily scent, you don’t want such a drastic difference that it doesn’t feel like ‘you’ when you wear it.

You also want a bridal perfume that compliments your aisle style and your wedding theme. For instance, is your dress adorned with pretty petal appliqué? Then a subtle floral scent will be the perfect match. If your gown is bejewelled with sparkles and gems, we suggest something with a dash of glitz and glamour.

Take into account your wedding venue when choosing your signature scent. If you’re having a beautiful outdoor ceremony in a rose garden, it might be lovely to have a fragrance with roses as the base note. Alternatively, if you’re having a boho or festival-inspired celebration, you may love the thought of something fun and vibrant.

Take your time to try out various scents. If you try too many in one afternoon, you’ll just get overwhelmed! Spend some time going back and forth and seeing if you still like a particular fragrance after a couple of weeks. We always recommend taking home some samples too. Let the scent settle on your skin for at least half an hour before making a decision.

You will want your fragrance to last all day – from the moment you walk down the aisle until you finally get off the dance floor. We suggest buying the gift set so that you can use the body wash and lotion before you apply the perfume. Don’t forget to pack the bottle into your Emergency Wedding Kit so you can keep topping it up throughout the day!

The most important part of finding your bridal perfume is to enjoy every second of it. It’s the perfect excuse for a few girly days out shopping and a chance to truly pamper yourself. We know just how stressful wedding planning can be and every bride deserves to spoil themselves – so get searching for that special day scent!

Image Credits: Image 1 by Marissa Lambert Photography / Image 2 by Mint Photography / Image 3 by Coco Tran Photography / Image 4 by Michael & Carina Photography / Image 5 by Jen Dillender Photography / Image 6 by In The Frow / Image 7 by Anna Roussos Photography / Image 8 by Angela Higgins Photography / Image 9 by Sandra Marusic Photography

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