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Styling Your Wedding with Bohemian Macramé

We all love a Bohemian Dream Catcher, especially when you're looking to create a Bohemian Themed Wedding, but if you want to add something extra, what about a handcrafted Macramé item? Whether you're going down the elegant or rustic look for your wedding day, here are some inspirational ways of how you can use a Bohemian Macramé on your wedding day.

The first place I always look is instagram for unique designers. The Bohemian Macramé below is handcrafted by Wild Forest Crafts. This designer in particular incorporates the Macramé with driftwood, giving a really rustic look to this bohemian décor items. These would look perfect hanging up against trees or if you're having a wedding in a pole tent, you could have these hanging from the roof.

Bohemian Macrame

Wedding Photographers can use these to add extra details to your wedding day photos, and best of all, you can take them home after to use them! This beautiful Elopement Wedding Couple below feature the bohemian macramé against the background of their photo. This really shows off the theme of the wedding whether it is a small intimate wedding or a large wedding. They are a cost effective way of adding that little extra to customise your wedding day décor.

Elopement Bohemian Couple

Photo Credit to Dawn Photo

You can ask your Boho Wedding Planner to help style these into your wedding day design. We offer our full package service which includes complete design and styling for your wedding day. Contact your Wedding Planner Sussex by emailing

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