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  • Lottie Dainton

Fabulous Inspiration For Flat Wedding Shoes

You’ve bagged the bling and you’ve dived head first into wedding planning, and now it’s time to think about your bridal look. There are no rules when it comes your aisle style and it’s the perfect opportunity to express your individual style and personality. With that in mind, more and more brides are opting to wear flat shoes on their wedding say, rather than high heels. Today we’re showing you that you don’t have to compromise on style or comfort when it comes to bridal shoes. So, if you want to rock flats on your big day, you can!

There are actually many benefits to wearing flat shoes on your wedding day. We all know how much high heels can ruin your day – just thinking about those sore feet and dreaded blisters makes us wince! By wearing flat shoes, you’re guaranteed to be totally comfortable for the duration of your celebration. You’ll be on your feet all day long, so comfort is absolutely key when it comes to your bridal outfit.

There is no point donning a pair of sky high heels if you never actually wear them in everyday life! You want to look and feel like YOU on the most important day of your life, so stick with the style you usually choose. If you love the idea of wearing heels on your special day but you’re worried about your poor feet, consider changing into flats in the evening. You can dance the night away without a care in the world, while still looking seriously stylish.

Don’t forget to consider your venue too. If you’re tying the knot on a beach or in a woodland, flat bridal shoes are definitely the practical option!

If you’re feeling a little clueless when it comes to the perfect pair of flats for your wedding day, don’t fret! From glamorous glittering sandals to vintage-inspired pumps, take a look at our favourite wedding-worthy flat shoes for your big day…

If you’re always wearing trainers in everyday life, why not wear them on your wedding day too? You could opt for simple white lace trainers or perhaps a pair that are ultra-sparkly!

If you’re lucky enough to be saying ‘I Do’ on a beach somewhere sizzling hot, sandals will probably be the best option for your aisle style.

For the boho bride-to-be, lace flats are a wonderful choice for your bridal look – especially if you’re wearing a wedding dress adorned with lots of lovely lace details.

Are you rocking a tea-length wedding dress? Then why not add a pop of colour to your wedding look with a pair of subtly coloured flats. Pastel hues are perfect for Spring, while brighter shades of pink, yellow and blue will look gorgeous at a summer wedding.

Be a modern-day princess or ballerina on your big day by wearing a pair of pale pink flats. This style of flat wedding shoes will look particularly pretty if you’re having a blush pink colour scheme or an elegant country garden affair.

Alternatively, you could keep it classic with a pair of simple white flats. They’ll go with any wedding theme, colour scheme or dress and you’re guaranteed to look gorgeous in them.

If you’re planning a vintage wedding theme, make sure you add a touch of bygone glamour to your wedding outfit. Flats adorned with vintage-style jewels and gems will look divine and they’ll sparkle as you walk down the aisle.

As you can see, there are so many swoon-worthy bridal shoes out there! Comfortable AND stylish, what’s not to love about wearing flat shoes on your wedding day?

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