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Seasonal Wedding Flowers - Autumn Time

With Autumn fast approaching we thought we'd give you some inspiration for your wedding flowers. Whilst florists can always get any flower regardless of what season you're in. It is always cheaper to get flowers for your wedding day that are in season. Florists will work with a number of their own suppliers to get these in for you.

We've decided to take inspiration from Lily Lupin Floral Design, who was recently featured in a styled shoot with us at Sussex Wedding Venue. Their instagram features the latest flower trends are great for help on inspiring your bridal bouquet. They are located in West Sussex but cover Hampshire and East Sussex too!


We are in love with these flowers, they come in many different colours and can be incorporated with other flowers to compliment your bridal bouquet. Why not use a single Dahlia, put it into a sprayed white wine bottle and add these little beauties to your wedding tables? These will bring elegance to your vintage styled wedding tables.

White Dahlia Wedding Flower

Pink Dahlia Wedding Flower


Having a country themed wedding? Eryngium will work perfectly to give a rustic edge to your wedding day flowers. You can incorporate these by adding them into your table flowers, bouquets and even your flower crowns. If you're going for a country themed barn these will look perfect against a wooden ladder that can be used for your table plan. Get your florist to wrap them around the ladder or simply place them on their own in a clear glass bottle.

Eryngium Rustic Wedding Flower


Frilly carnations will certainly get your guests admiring your wedding flower details. Perfect for making your bridal bouquet look really full and lively. They come in many different colours, the below picture features pink blush carnations. Whilst they haven't been as popular the last few years, more and more requests are coming forward for this unique frilly flowers. Don't be put off by your standard supermarket carnations, when properly sourced by your trusted Sussex Florist these will be big and bold. Perfect at complimenting any wedding theme.

Pink Carnation Wedding Flower

Peach Carnation Wedding Flower

Photo Credit to Lily Lupin Floral Design

If you'd like more help and inspiration for your wedding day, contact your Wedding Planner West Sussex by emailing

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