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Rainy Wedding Day Ideas

As a Wedding Planner we always have a wet wedding plan with any of our weddings. However, this doesn't stop a bride or groom worrying about what the weather will do! England is unpredictable for weather, luckily enough this year we've had some good moments of sunshine.

My tip to all my couples is, go with the flow if it rains. You can really get some amazing images in the rain and use props to get photos that you can only get on wet weather days. You really won't care once you've got dressed and about to walk down the aisle to marry the one you love!

There are almost always umbrellas on your venue site, and if there isn't there should be! Never miss the chance to get an amazing umbrella photo with a rainy day and your wedding photographer. The picture featured below shows some stunning details from the venue with the rain reflecting off the light to create a stunning background. You just can't get more romantic than this.

Umbrella Rain Bride and Groom Sussex

Photo Credit to Joanna Cleeve Photography

If you're wondering what wedding shoes to take, never fail to take a pair of wellies to add to that countryside look! Most festival weddings feature a couple with a pair of wellies to add to that festival theme. They look great in photos and you can get some unique detailed shots featuring these. They also come in handy if you are getting married in a marquee! Transferring between the location of your ceremony to your venue can be muddy work. Treading across a muddy field isn't always flattering, but pop a pair of wellies on to keep your feet dry and clean. Once you are back to the wedding marquee, slip those beautiful wedding shoes on again!

Bride and Groom in Wellies Rainy

Photo Credit to Claire Fleck Photography

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