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Bohemian Terrarium Wedding Details

This years wedding trends have gone mad for everything terrarium themed. They fit in with most wedding themes and look incredible. You can customize them by using them to hold candles or go festival-inspired florals instead. So many ways and so many themes to choose from! Read on to get inspired for your wedding day details and decor.

Our recent English Wedding Styled Shoot featured these gorgeous Gold Terrarium holders. Whilst we put pastel florals in them, they are actually meant to be used to hold delicate tea-lights or fragrant candles for your wedding day. We used these against a rustic looking wedding table to bring some modern trends to the shoot. These terrariums really do transform any wedding day decor.

Gold Terrarium with Pastel Flowers

Photo Credit to Joanna Cleeve Photography

The terrariums come in all different shapes and sizes, you can get most in a triangle or hexagon form. These beauties below are featured on a bohemian styled wedding that really will capture any of your guests' eyes. Not only do they look incredible in any wedding photos you may take, but people will certainly remember you for being a trendy bride! Ask your wedding florist to help inspire you with extra details on these candle holders, or alternatively ask your bohemian wedding planner! You will find you can get most colours for your terrariums, but most are featured in Rose Gold, Gold and Silvers. Whatever you decide to decorate these with, they truly will transform your wedding day.

Photo Credit to Hailley of Hailley Howard

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