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Five healthy ideas and tips for your Wedding Day Breakfast

Wedding Day Breakfast Lemonade

You always hear this from family members - "Make sure you eat on your wedding morning!". So I put together five healthy breakfast ideas and tips for your wedding morning.

Wake Up and Hydrate

First things first, get yourself a big glass of ice cold water and squeeze a slice of lemon in it to get you started for the big day. Ice cold water activates cold sensors under our skin and will make you feel very awake. (Not that you haven’t been awake all night anyway!) It also boosts your immune system and the lemon will help aid digestion, because we all know we will be consuming a lot of bad food on our wedding day.

Peppermint or Chamomile Tea

Try to have a nice herbal tea with your breakfast instead of caffeine. Peppermint will help aid digestion and keep your tummy feeling cleansed. Chamomile will help with the stress and keep you relaxed.

Try a Smoothie

Why not try a fruit smoothie for breakfast? Keep it dairy and gluten free by using coconut or almond milk. Try this recipe for a sweet tasting healthy breakfast:

Half a Banana

Quarter Avocado

Half an Apple

A bit of Honey

Some coconut milk

You’ll get all the vitamins you need to start off your day, by keeping dairy and gluten free you will ensure that no upset tummy’s will occur.

Gluten Free Toast

Try some gluten free toast, spread some avocado on it and top it off with a poached egg. Avocados are incredible nutritious and isn’t too heavy for your stomach. Avocados are also loaded with fibre so will help reduce blood sugar spikes throughout the day. Perfect for those moments when you won’t get a chance to sit down and eat on your wedding day.

Grab and Go

We all know how it goes on the morning of your wedding. You prepare in your mind what your breakfast is, but you just never get that time in the morning to eat it. Grab a banana and a packet of healthy seeds or nuts to keep you going in the morning. It is light so won’t bloat you and will keep you going for a few hours.

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