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Alternative methods of transport on your Wedding Day

Wedding Campervan Transport Vintage

Who wants to go to a wedding in a limousine when you can go for so many other options nowadays? More and more couples are exploring other options and want more quirky methods of wedding transport to really show off their personalities on their wedding day. Whether you’ve got a Vintage, Boho or Festival Wedding in Sussex, here’s some information on some alternative methods of getting to your ceremony or reception.

Volkswagen Campervans are becoming increasingly popular, especially for vintage themed weddings. These campers give off spectacular photos for your wedding day too. This camper in particular is offered by a company called Deluxe Wedding Hire. They are a family run company that offer a completely bespoke approach to your wedding day. You won’t be let down by this friendly method of transportation!

This little beauty is a 1949 Jaguar MK V Sedan. It is offered to hire by Bow Field Wedding Cars in Sussex. This three seater car comes complete with ivory leather inside, giving you that perfect vintage look. This is the only one available in Sussex and can seat up to 3 people with your own personal chauffeur included! You can view many other vintage car options with this Sussex supplier.

You might have a background of living in London and want to bring a bit of the past to your wedding day. Look no further than this bespoke wedding taxi. This gorgeous vintage taxi comes in white and will really bring something different to your wedding day. The interior is finished with a cream leather which really compliments the wedding theme and can fit up to 6 people inside. You can rent this beauty from Imperial Wedding Cars of Sussex.

Booked your wedding for the summer? Why not celebrate in style and have your future husband whisk you away to your reception on this gorgeous vintage Vespa. Ask your florist to decorate the headlights with some flowers that fit your theme and you will have unique photos for your wedding day. You can get them in different colours but the white really compliments that vintage wedding look.

Photo Credit: Deluxe Wedding Hire, Bowfield Wedding Cars, Imperial Wedding Cars Sussex, Allie Marion Photography

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