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Naked Artisan Wedding Cakes - The favourite trend of 2016

Naked Artisan Wedding Cake Rustic

As you all know, the hottest trend of this year with wedding cakes is the Naked Wedding Cake. They look beautiful, they stand out and best of all they look homemade! What more could a boho or vintage bride want?

So many couples are wanting these, and there are many ways you can customize them to suit your theme. Fresh flowers are always a popular option for any wedding type, whether you’re in an elegant country home or in your wellies in a country field. You can choose real flowers to match the theme of your wedding and have your florist deliver these on the day. You can also choose to have them made edible from sugar paste and have your cake maker provide this for you.

If you choose to go real flowers, you can add some beautiful berries to give your wedding cake some real uniqueness. You can also choose to have silk flowers so you can keep these forever and even use them for other cakes at home in the future! Don’t forget to ask for a dusting of sugar to really enable any pastel colours to compliment your wedding cake. Why not have it on a wooden slab to give it a really rustic effect or a stylish golden plate for a country wedding? The options are endless!

Many different designs can be found on pinterest and florists are really good for inspiration too. They can tell you whether it is best to go for a flower crown type arrangement that sits on the cake, or to go for individual sets of flowers that can be pushed into the cake on your wedding day. My tip would be to always speak to a professional before you do this. However, a trusty wedding planner like myself with a baking background can help you do this! Lots of caterers can be found in West Sussex and Hampshire that can provide you with this service.

A new design I’ve recently come across though Chelsea Wedding Photography is the below photo showing a lavender covered cake. Whilst this isn’t a naked cake because it covers the sponge in butter icing, it does give some element of natural beauty to your cake. It is a very simple design and on top of a wooden slab looks the part. Shabby Chic or Rustic, this will be your ideal wedding cake.

Finally you come to the topper, what to choose with such a fabulous wedding cake? Well the option is really down to you. Top it off with adorable vintage bunting featuring your names or colour theme. You could even just have a flower arrangement on the top to finish off the look.

Whatever design you decide to choose will make it your naked wedding cake. The possibilities are endless, hopefully you are now left with a few ideas for your special day!

Photography Credit to Chelsea Weddings

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