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Four hairstyles for a Boho Bride

Boho Bridal Hairstyle Flower Crown

That summer breeze in your face, overlooking a lavender field whilst taking in the smells and in deep thought about your boho style wedding... Your planner is taking care of your wedding, arranged your hair and makeup artist, but you need some inspiration for your bridal hair. Well, you've come to the right blog.

  • The Boho Bridal Flower Crown - becoming more and more popular these flower crowns are the new go-to hairpiece for brides in 2017. They can be custom made and fit perfectly to your head. You will stand out from your wedding crowd with these gorgeous headpieces. All you need is to ask your hair stylist to give you soft flowing curls and let your hair hang loose to complete this look. (Pictured Above)

  • The Boho Updo – whether you have short or long hair this boho updo will work perfectly. Ask your hair stylist to do a lose bun with two plaits that cross each other around the back of your head. You want it lose but secure to stay in place for your wedding day. Ask your florist for some extra flowers to put into your plaits to finish this boho bridal look off.

  • A Boho Leaf Headpiece – if you are going for the more elegant boho bridal look, this headpiece will definitely piece together your look. You will want two plaits across the centre of your hair, ask for a bit of volume up the top and let the rest of your hair hang loosely. Get your hair stylist to fit your leaf headpiece in and secure it tightly. The pictures will look stunning and everyone will compliment you.

  • A Draped Boho Headcomb – again you may want to look a headpiece like this for a more sophisticated boho look. You want boho, but you might want it modern. Etsy are great for finding these custom made headpieces. A simple half up and half down hairstyle will fit this headpiece perfectly and really compliment your bridal look. Most of these hairpieces will really catch the light in the sun and really catch the eye of your guests.

There you have it, four beautiful boho hairstyle ideas for your wedding day. This blog should give you some great inspiration and get you thinking about what bridal hairstyle you may want. Wedding Fairs are great for picking up one-off hairpieces so try this, or use etsy to get something custom made. It's always best to get a hairdresser that can fit these pieces, a lot of suppliers in West Sussex and Hampshire can help with this.

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