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Vintage Dried Wedding Flowers

Vintage Dried Wedding Flowers

We were so excited to find this supplier we had to write a blog about Lotus Floral Art.

Lotus Floral Art are different from your everyday florist. They use dried flowers to design stunning pieces for your wedding. Dried flowers smell beautiful and deepen in colour as they dry out. The best part about it all, you can keep your bridal bouquet or bridal hair piece forever as a keepsake.

Lotus Floral Art featured at the Wonderous Wedding Fair in Portsmouth where they showed their bespoke items. All flowers are English grown and dried by the owner Katie herself. Lotus Floral Art also help to reduce waste through producing dried flowers. Real flowers at your wedding won’t last forever and once dead are usually thrown away.

They make many different items from Bridal Bouquets, Floral Crowns, Hair Clips, Button Holes, Pew Ends and many more! All floral crowns are handmade and extremely comfortable for any bride to wear. They are shaped to your head so will fit perfectly and last all day.

Once you are finished with your wedding day flowers, pop them in a beautiful glass frame and hang it on the wall. You’ve got a beautiful wedding decoration and saved the planet from waste! For any bespoke designs you can contact Lotus Floral Art by their website or Facebook page. They are located in West Sussex.

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