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Help with choosing that perfect Wedding Veil

Vintage Festival Bridal Veil

There are so many wedding veil options out there, where do you start?

Firstly, if you manage to get a dress from a wedding dress shop, they will give you a veil that matches your dress in store. Most wedding dress designers will design veils to match that specific dress. However, do not be blinded by the happiness of choosing your perfect wedding gown. You need to ensure it is the right wedding veil for you.

It is important to find the right length. Long or short? You will want a style that will compliment the dress and silhouette for you. Shorter veils tend to be more modern, giving you a more relaxed look. Long veils are more traditional and many women wear these with dresses that have long trains. Testing out both styles will give you an idea of what looks best with your dress. You can also choose between a single or two tiered veil. A two tiered veil looks incredible in photos, and many brides we have seen opt for a two tier for that very reason.

Wedding dresses with a lot of embellishment will usually be complimented with a plain veil. You don't want to overpower your look as you will have a lot going on with the dress already. For simply wedding dresses without much detail, you could compliment your dress with a lace patterned veil. A simple lace edging around it will really complete that look for you.

The go-to veil material is mainly tulle, it will go with anything. If you want to be more specific and really match your look, you could go for lace, silk or even satin. Tulle tends to be the cheapest out of all of the materials so most brides will go with this option.

One of the most important things you must think about when choosing your veil is your hairstyle. The positioning of your veil is important as to what bridal hairstyle you decide to go for. A popular vintage-themed hairstyle is a beautiful bun, featuring the veil at the bottom of the bun underneath the hair. If you are looking to put the veil at the top of your head, you may want to consider a completely different bridal hairstyle for this.

Overall, it is best to try your veil on with your dress to allow you to visualise what you will look like on your wedding day. Once you purchase your veil, you will have it delivered pressed and completely crease free. A good tip for storing your veil is to keep it in a spare room on flat ground, or a tall wardrobe that allows the veil to hang (if you have a long veil).

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