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Wedding Planner & Co-Ordination, Chichester, West Sussex

Boho Festival Vintage Wedding Planner Sussex

I cannot tell you how many brides I get coming to me in a panic, they’ve planned their whole wedding and have forgotten one vital part of their day – On the day Wedding Coordination!

At Illy Elizabeth Weddings we offer the On-the-day Wedding Coordination package which allows us to create a detailed timeline for your wedding day and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Being the bride is a busy role and you simply cannot run your wedding how you want and be the bride too! By passing this over to us we can ensure you are stress-free and your wedding is exactly how you have planned.

Planning a wedding without a coordinator is stressful enough. You will receive a peace of mind that your wedding plans are handled by us and it will all come together as you imagine your special day to be. Every penny is worth spending on a wedding coordinator to ensure everything is perfect.

You can expect us to contact suppliers, introduce ourselves to suppliers and ensure we have all main contacts. We also do a venue visit to ensure we are clear on how everything should be placed and really understand the ideas behind your wedding themes. These are just some of the things we help with.

Some couples don’t even think about a wedding coordinator because their venues may provide a similar on the day coordination service. I always advise anyone I know to be aware of this as it is important to know this is not the same service we provide. If your wedding transport is late to your reception venue, you won’t find your wedding venue calling them! By having us as your On-the-day Wedding Coordinator this is one of the many responsibilities that we take off your hands that wedding venues do not provide.

If you are interested in hiring a wedding coordinator for your wedding day, simply contact us now to get your free consultation. We plan weddings in Chichester, West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire and many more locations both in the UK and Overseas.

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