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  • Illy Goodall

10 Luxury Wedding Ideas for your Glamorous Big Day

You've been dreaming of this day for a long time and obsessed with the luxury wedding designs on instagram. These celebrity weddings definitely set a high-expectation and we've got our top 10 luxury wedding ideas for your glamorous big day. From florals through to production, we've got you covered, this will be your holy-grail throughout your wedding planning. So let's get into it...

luxury floral arch with pedestal flowers destination wedding


It's of no surprise that florals are in our top 10 luxury ideas for your wedding. No matter what anyone says you absolutely cannot have a luxury wedding design without a huge budget being spent on your florals. This is where all those inspirational pinterest and instagram images come from, any experienced wedding florist will talk you through this in creating that dream concept.

When sourcing a florist look for one that offers a curated style and tends to use more florals rather then foliage. By predominantly using flower heads in your design concept this gives a more luxury feel overall. The cost of course would naturally be higher, but the impact you get will outweigh any of those concerns. Statement installations are a must, ask your florist if they can source bespoke metal frame work to create something spectacular and jaw dropping for your guests. This can range from ceremony arches, to hanging ceiling installations.

Ask your florist to source you a rather large bouquet, the bigger the size, the more glamorous it will feel as you hold it walking down the aisle. Keeping up with modern trends instead of dated concepts are another way of keeping things luxury. Steer clear of bouquets tied with thick satin ribbon, instead go for hand-dyed silk ribbon which is more delicate.

long wedding table with cream florals and glassware

Wedding Design

If you are choosing to plan your wedding without a planner (which we strongly advise against), you will really need to pull out all the stops to ensure that the design concept works with your chosen venue. Don't be pushed into a false sense of security that you can have whatever colours you'd like if the venue does not compliment these. If the venue has a "dated" style of decor, then ensure that you get a decor company in to drape the walls and carpet the floor. Keeping the venue neutral will ensure you can work with any colour concept you are looking to create.

Creating a luxury wedding theme will need you to focus on those little expensive details that will come through research and organisation. You must have charger plates to ensure the wedding tables feel glamorous, opt for gold-rimmed with gold detailed cutlery to add that little more luxe. Crystal glassware is paramount, you need to ensure everything sourced in is of the best quality.

hanging wisteria floral installation


You need to ensure you get this right from the word go. Save the dates should naturally match the main invitation suite and following that, should match the entire design concept. There are many luxury style stationers that offer plenty of options to work with your wedding. Laser-cut stationery can be very popular with luxury weddings as can embossed stationery with foil printing. These all come at a bigger cost, but it will be worth every penny spent.

wedding stationery flatly with bespoke blue design

Escort Cards

With many of the larger sized weddings, Escort cards are far more popular than a normal table plan. There are many ways in which these can be presented, to hanging off trees that have been installed, through to waiters handing your guests a bespoke cocktail with their card attached. There are many options on pinterest that you can use for inspiration, what we love about Escort cards are that they make this part of the process very interactive. It not only gets your guests talking, but creates an overall atmosphere.

wedding bridal bouquet with wedding scent

Scent Your Wedding

Did you know that you could create your own scent for you wedding? Well if you want a luxury wedding then this is absolutely the way to do it. There are a few different scent service providers that will work with you both to create a bespoke for your wedding, giving your guests a fragrance that will always remind them of your special day. Penhaligon’s Bespoke by Alberto Morillas at Harrods Salon de Parfums offer this service as do Jo Malone London.


Go big or go home, that's the truth when it comes to luxury ideas for your glamorous big day. You ideally need to go for a minimum of 4 tiers, these don't all need to be cake so don't panic. Cake designers will work to create "dummy" cakes which reduces the overall waste, as we know wedding cakes often have plenty leftover. Acrylic spacers have become increasingly popular, they can be filled with florals to give colour in a subtle way. Covering your cake in the finest icing detailing will be another way in creating a luxurious look on your wedding day.


Choosing your photography style is key, do your research when looking for a wedding photographer. There are many different styles, with many luxury weddings we find that fine-art photography styles are more appealing. These types of photographers will capture the little details that others can sometimes forget. Whether it's a new a pair of Christian Louboutin bridal heels or custom bridal jewellery, it will most certainly be captured.


With luxury weddings you tend to go for a bigger bridal party, more is well...more! Sequin dresses can be very popular, adding that extra bit of glam to your wedding day. We have seen white bridesmaid dresses become increasingly popular over the last few years, which we adore. Nothing looks more luxury than having all of your bridal party in white. If you go for colours, break down the palette by having multiple tones of dress colour.

wedding table with gold glassware and candles


It is paramount that you have an excellent caterer on your wedding day that can provide exceptional service. In-house caterers are great at making weddings run seamlessly, however if you opt for a dry-hire venue, then you will need to source these in yourself. If you haven't got recommendations then do your research, go for award winning caterers and look at their portfolio. Have unlimited canapés and customised interactive dessert options to really open up your guests experience.


If you haven't got a classic rolls Royce as your wedding car, then what do you go for? Whilst we all love a classic car, nothing speaks luxury more than a sports car to whisk you away from your ceremony venue to your reception venue. Porsche and Lamborghini have become popular choices for couples wedding transport. Ensure there is enough space for the bridal dress to fit in!


Wedding Production is extremely important and an area not to be missed with a luxury event. From lights through to sound, there are many options in between that your production company can speak to you about. Setting the scene is a very important part of the guest experience and ensuring that everything at the event will run seamlessly. Whether it's chandeliers, up-lighters, bespoke pool flooring or firework displays, they can assist you wherever you need.

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