Hi! I'm Illy

the founder of Illy Elizabeth Weddings.



I was born and raised in London before moving to Kent in my late teenage years.  I took thorough delight in planning all things weird and wonderful for family and friends when it came to celebrations and events, which led into my love of wedding planning.


I moved to West Sussex and absolutely love how my work allows me to work in the remote countryside with beautiful, inspiring surroundings but connect with couples across the country when planning their big day. In my spare time I love to bake and cook; it always puts a smile on my face to get the family together for those home cooked meals and freshly baked chocolate brownies!  If I'm not cooking then I most definitely am dining out with friends in London at the next hottest restaurant in the city!


I feel very lucky to be doing a job that I genuinely love every single day.  No couple are the same and this is what I love most about being a wedding planner; meeting with each and every couple designing and planning a wedding completely unique and individual to them.  It is incredibly rewarding.

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It all began with previous experience in planning and organising I found the entire experience thoroughly enjoyable, loving the challenges presented and the feeling of achievement every time I overcame them. 


Friends of mine had much less pleasurable experiences, weighed down with the stress and anxiety that inevitably comes with the planning of such a significant event in your life. I do explain to all my couples, that these are perfectly normal emotions you go through when planning your wedding.

We all have our natural talents, things that come easy to us, skills that we perhaps do not even realise we have until we need to use them. 

I came to realise that my natural flair for wedding planning did not have to stop after my big day, and that my skills, creativity and calm nature could be used to help and inspire Brides and Grooms across the country.  


I founded Illy Elizabeth Weddings and began working with couples across West Sussex, we quickly expanded outside of this region covering the South East of England and London. We are fortunate enough to have a Mayfair office, so we do many weddings in the Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Chelsea Area.

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