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Modern Wedding Planner Design Concepts

Illy Elizabeth Weddings


Creative, unique, professional design. We always stand by our core values as a modern wedding planner and strive to create the highest trending wedding designs, whilst ensuring your design concept is completely unique to you as individuals. Our approach is to always ensure that your personalities are reflected through modern wedding concepts, that allow these details to appear in subtle ways. There are many different ways we do this, from choosing monograms on your wedding stationery, through to musicians creating bespoke songs for you as a couple. 

It's not just about the smaller details, we know you want to make an impact when it comes to the wedding design itself. We bring inspirational from the venue, combined with your authentic love story and create a concept that no other client has had before. 

Our ethos that we stand by is your wedding is effortlessly elegant and undeniably romantic, whilst wanting to keep a hint of the latest trends. We ensure that your wedding is seamlessly executed and beautifully modern, keeping in touch with those visions you've had since you became engaged.

Perhaps you want to incorporate a modern production into the wedding day somehow? However, you don't want it to to feel "too much". At Illy Elizabeth Weddings, nothing is ever too much for any of our couples, we will always encourage you to embrace your own individual styles.

Modern Wedding Planner Table Setting Design.jpg
Modern Wedding Planner Tablescape

As a leading London Wedding Planner, we bring our level of experience into every single detail of your wedding. Right from the very beginning, through to the very end, we will be there to handhold you throughout your journey. 

We will work exceptionally hard behind the scenes to ensure that every aspect of your wedding flows seamlessly. From logistics, through to contracts, supplier negotiations, site visits and scheduling appointments. You'll feel at complete ease as your modern wedding concept comes together right before you.

As a modern wedding planner we offer a relaxed approach, which ensures that our couples feel as relaxed as we do throughout the wedding planning process.

We will always push you to bring forward ideas that you want to implement into the modern wedding concept we create with you. It's important to us that you feel as involved as possible throughout the wedding planning process. If you'd rather hand the reigns over to us completely, there is always the option to do that to.

We tell all of our couples that we work around you, your personalities and your style. Let us create something unforgettable together and make it the wedding that nobody can stop talking about.


If you'd like to enquire about services we offer, then please contact us. Whether you need full planning, partial planning or on-the-day coordination, we can help. 

Let us create your modern concept and allow you to enjoy everything step of the process.

If you would like to get in touch for a no-obligation consultation then we would love to hear from you.

Elegant Wedding Couple with Modern Floral Design


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